These are some of my clients' results,
and they're possible for YOU too girlfriend.

But right now...


You’re posting & engaging but still no clients.
Where the F are they hiding?!

And when you finally find someone who seems like a perfect client, she either ghosts or friend zones you, leaving you feeling like this coaching thing’s never gonna work for you.


You’ve already consumed tons of free content, and perhaps also taken some courses and programs on how to grow your coaching business

– they all said different things and none of it worked or felt aligned.

And now you’re wondering what’s missing.


You’re constantly doubting yourself & this is hindering you from showing up consistently on social media

(hint: reels & video/stories).

This means you won’t build that trust with your audience so they’ll buy from you.


Did you see that last slide??



Can you imagine how your life will feel when you wake up every morning with your calendar filled with calls with clients who feel like best friends, who adore you & who gladly pay you WELL?


When we get crystal clear on your dream client + what she needs and WANTS you to sell her, your
VIP client roster is gonna fill up FAST.


Kiss goodbye to feeling insecure and doubting yourself and say hello to showing up consistently + sell & promote your offers feeling like Beyoncé!


You must be hungry for transforming more lives and making a bigger impact. (My kinda soul sister 🙌)

Why me? Why high-ticket clients? Why THIS program?

I’ll tell ya. But first I wanna tell you the beginning of the story:

This time last year I was

  • juggling my 9-5 teaching job while hustling like a mofo on my coaching biz on the side for 2 years

  • following biz advice that wasn’t at all aligned to me!

  • listening to the “gurus” saying I needed to do MORE to grow my coaching biz (HELLO complicated funnels, being on all platforms, pumping out content that no one engaged with, and so on…)

I was a great coach and my clients got amazing results, but I just couldn’t sign them for more than a couple of sessions at $30/hr – which wasn’t gonna pay any bills 😳

Being FED UP by working & grinding on social 24/7, I decided enough was enough.

I invested in a mentor I felt super aligned with, studied & developed my own method + got really good at relationship-building and sales.

Anna Furu, Hey there!
Anna Furu, Business and Mindset Coach



Booked out with dream clients!
Jess Fynn Intuitive Sales & Biz Coach

 “I 7x my income & made $30K cash – while working around 20 hrs (sometimes only 10 hours!!) per week – during my time working with Anna. But the biggest thing for me was that she helped me step into my leadership and feel more confident and aligned than ever before. She really helped me reach the next level in my biz, AND life.”

Jess Fynn

Intuitive Sales & Biz Coach

& now we’re going to do the same for you

Anna Furu, Business and Mindset Coach
But first a lil’ quiz!

What’s your current Coach Archetype?

You haven’t fully started coaching yet but you’ve been bingeing other coaches’ content on social for months & have been dreaming about finally “coming out” as a coach + starting to grow the coaching biz of your dreams, the RIGHT way…

You’re quite new to coaching but incredibly passionate & ready to leverage your gifts to transform lives & make a difference (and leave that 9-5)…

You’ve been at it for a while, you pour energy & time into your business + show up consistently, but you don’t see the results you know you deserve. You’re ready to finally make this work & swoosh past your competitors once & for all…

 “Anna helped me hit my first $10,5K month while working around 20 hours a week. And the most amazing thing is that I did this within TWO WEEKS of signing with her! It was probably because she’s the best damn mindset coach out there AND supports you with your business. She also helped me awaken my spirituality and have two BIG spiritual awakenings, which changed my life. You need to work with her!”

Christina Lopez

Business Coach

If you nodded your head at any of the above, thinking “YEP, THAT’S ME”



Alright, let’s get down to business…

You’re already a stellar heart-centered coach with:

🌟 A strong passion to help others

🌟 A set of unique gifts that you know can transform lives

🌟 A powerful vision of how you want to make the world a better place through your coaching

Let’s be real – the last thing you need is another cookie-cutter
biz course telling you what you already know & do.

What you need
is an effective & proven yet simple step-by-step method that gives you effortless high-ticket sales while you’re in your comfy yoga pants

(or D&G – it’s really up to you)

✓  You want an aligned business + mindset strategy you can implement today

that helps sign soulmate clients who pay you $1000+++ to work with you – for a long time (think retainer clients who keep resigning with you).

✓  You’re craving soulful and actionable ways to build authority

& stand out as the impactful coach you are. You’re ready to skip the misaligned cookie-cutter fluff and jump right to the core steps that yield BIG results. You’re ready to take action & create magic, and you’re ready now.

✓  And – you want to feel amazing while you’re signing dreamy high-ticket clients

and growing your business. Because you deserve that! You’re making use of your unique gifts, transforming lives and making a positive impact – it’s right that you should be making good money while you’re at it!

Yes? Let me hear you say it…



 “Anna helped me hit my first $13K month after two months together, then $120K within 6 months! And now I’m on track to hit my first $25K month! She’s helped me heal my relationship with money, find more inner peace and step into my CEO shoes. And of course, build so much more confidence and grow as a leader! I really don’t know where I’d be without her. Working with her has been life-changing and you should do so too!”

Lizzie Vince

Biz & Mindset Coach

What’s inside Full-Time Coach Academy?

You get:

💎 A private group chat with instant support for the 3 months of the program from an expert coach (moi) and your new biz besties.

💎 Weekly 90 min hot seat coaching sessions where you’ll get individualized coaching from me on whatever you need support with (my clients LOVE this).

💎 8 stellar modules that are bite-sized, fun and easy to implement, dripped weekly (see below).

The modules in detail:

Finding your profitbable niche
Anna Furu | Full Time Coach Academy

Ready for your 5K+ months?

✨ Waking up to DMs saying: “Can I join your program?” and “Tell me how I can work with you, I’m ready!”.

✨ Step-by-step scripts, checklists and formulas.

✨ How to build genuine and powerful relationships online with women who become your dream clients.

✨ Short and engaging training videos, potent exercises and custom meditations, affirmations & more.

Before joining The Full-time Coach Academy, I was struggling with how to market myself as a coach on social media. Other coaches and programs I had been in had told me to be on YouTube, but I had been doing that for over a year without signing a single client. I knew I needed to build a true community on social media, but I didn’t know how. I wanted a plan to be able to leave my corporate job and go full-time as a coach. But I didn’t feel good enough to charge for my coaching.

I felt burned out and frustrated because I was working so hard with doing YouTube videos and content, but it didn’t feel like I was really connecting with my ideal client. I also felt sad because I wasn’t sure if what I was doing would ever help me reach my goals.

Working with Anna was very different from any other program and many courses I’ve been in. You can tell that she really cares about YOU and wants you to succeed. She also helped me find my own answer to who I wanted to help and how. And at the same time, she supported and empowered me when it was crazy hard at my corporate job and I felt really discouraged. The video modules and materials were also SO good, and the feedback she gave to our homework was invaluable!

I realized Anna’s help was working when I stopped spending hours on YouTube and instead could do reels and content that felt FUN and easy! I also got to actually connect with my dream clients on social media in a whole new way. I knew this would help me actually build that community I wanted.

Being in Full-time Coach Academy has helped me feel so much more confident! I now have a long-term plan that I know will help me reach my goals, and that feels amazing. A huge win was also getting super clear on who my dream client is and what she really wants my help with. The perhaps biggest victory is that I now feel worthy of charging for my coaching because I know that I know a lot and can really help my clients.

Today I feel super confident showing up on social media and connecting with potential dream clients. I know I am worthy of the success that I want, and I know how to make it happen. Having Anna by your side is like having a best friend and a coach all in one who really believes in you and supports you. I really recommend working with her! 

Stef R. Lopez

Business Coach

Full-Time Coach Bonuses

But wait… There’s more?! (Yep, get ready baby)

When you join you’ll get six exclusive trainings from experts in
various niches - that are not available for sale ANYWHERE ELSE:

Nadine Daff🌙 GLOW UP YOUR GRAM WITH NADINE DAFF ($497 value)

Famous Social Media Stylist & Expert Nadine Daff teaches you her magic skills to glow up your gram & social media presence to make profit online.

Amy Ebinger


Feminine Embodiment Coach Amy Ebinger teaches you how to revive & own your feminine essence so you can step into your full power as a female CEO.

Christina Lopez🌙 SALES SECRETS WITH TINA LOPEZ ($497 value)

Sales expert and coach Tina Lopez shares her best secrets around high-ticket sales. You definitely want to hear this since she’s closed multiple 10K deals, so get ready!

Christine Krogfoss


Business Coach Christine Krogfoss teaches you how to warm up your audience so that they’ll bang down your door to sign up to your program.

Alex Harvey


Money Coach Alex Harvey shares their secrets on how you can tap into your magic, show up in your power & bring your gifts to the world making BANK, through utilizing Sacred Sexuality.

Brenda Canas


Millennial Health Coach Brenda Canas helps you build a simple health routine that boosts  your energy and allows you to scale your coaching biz without feeling tired all the time!

Anna headshot


Learn my proven productivity process to get more done in less time, so you can scale while working less.

 “Before I joined WCA, I was feeling quite frustrated because I didn’t have clarity on who my ideal client was and I felt I needed that to move forwards. I felt a bit directionless, even though I had worked with several other coaches before. I was also doubting myself a lot.

I felt all kinds of feelings as I tried to get clarity on this on my own, ranging from positive, excited, to worried, anxious, stuck and impatient. I knew I needed more support with this, but I was worried about investing yet more money. When I saw Anna talking about how to get clear on your ideal client and how to build genuine relationships with potential dream clients, it clicked for me. It felt like the right thing.

What was different about working with Anna was that she could always help me when I needed an answer, or just needed mindset support to believe in myself. Her support in-between calls in the chat was great, she helped me feel okay when self-doubt started creeping in. Her video trainings and materials were also the best I’ve seen in a program, I learned so much.

I realised that Anna’s support was really working when I got crystal clear on who my ideal client is. It was also a big breakthrough when she helped me realize that I actually DO know enough already to help my dream client. It really helped me.

During my time in WCA I’ve grown my confidence in myself as a coach immensely. I am now able to share my knowledge and story plus promote my coaching fearlessly on social media, which I really struggled with before. Anna also helped me pivot to wellness coaching, which I’ve been passionate about for years, and I am able to combine it with my love of all things manifestation and mindset. I know that this is a mix that will help my ideal client so much.

Today I feel excited to share my knowledge and I believe in myself and know that I can help people. I’m just so much more confident, it’s a huge difference. I can’t recommend Anna enough!”

Tamsin Hunt

Wellness Coach

Ready to become a wealthy and impactful online coach?


Testimonial for Anna Furu

“I really enjoyed working with Anna inside the Academy. She helped me get clear on my niche, strategy & grow my confidence by a lot. Before FTCA I would never have gotten on video & talked, or done a Reel. Now I’ve done both & feel more confident than ever in my business. I’m showing up more & am owning my authority, which feels good. She also helped me find a way to sell my services in a way that felt aligned & not pushy. I really recommend FTCA!”

Nekeshia Williams

Life Coach

The full value of this program is $8,200 - but
I’m offering it to you for LESS than 1/3
of that price right now

YEP! I believe in you + this program SO much. Let’s freakin’ do this.

(Btw, it’ll never be this deeply discounted again.)

Results others are getting:

During my time with Anna, I made $27K – while working 20 hrs per week & having 3-day weekends be my norm. She also helped me build my confidence & become a self-care QUEEN! Work with her & damn will your life change!!

Anna Heckadon

Business Coach

This ain’t your grandma’s coaching program (though I highly respect your ancestors) 😉

What if this year…

You approach social media with a proven strategy that effortlessly attracts dream clients & gives you tons of applications for your high-ticket offers.

You’re discovered daily online by new clients dying to work with you.

You close these BFF soulmate clients easily on sales calls.

Then suddenly…

– You’re booked out with clients you LOVE working with and you’ve started hitting consistent $5K+ months, effortlessly.

– You’ve become the go-to, in-demand authority in your niche + you get opportunities for visibility that helps you spread your message even wider (think podcast interviews, collabs with other impactful entrepreneurs or guest writing for big magazines).

– You wake up every day feeling joy, peace & abundance, instead of anxiety, fear & doubt. YOU ARE A FULL-TIME COACH, and you deserve all the abundance coming your way.

Thanks to Anna, I signed my first high-ticket (@ $3K & $1’200!!!) clients, grew my confidence exponentially, and started thinking like a wealthy CEO. She also helped me to finally start loving & believing in myself, which has been the biggest win. I can’t recommend her enough!

Nadine Daff

Business Coach & Artist

Before working with Anna I had been doing pro bono coaching for 5 years with over a hundred women. I knew that I was a really great coach because my clients were getting amazing results, but somehow I really struggled to charge for it. I knew that I loved coaching, was great at it and really helped my clients, but I just had a huge block to make money from it. It was also really hard to attract clients who were ready to pay.

I felt frustrated, even though I ran my other successful culture production company too. I was trying to find ways to make money from coaching, but it was all very low-ticket offers. I felt discouraged because my dream was to be able to make a full-time income from coaching, but I didn’t know how.

When I joined WCA, I could instantly tell that it was very different from other programs I had been in. Anna really cared and she went out of her way to help me and the other ladies in there. She would answer every question we had, really coach us individually on the group calls and also give written feedback on our homework. It was so helpful.

Miriam Nabunya

Confidence & Life Coach

I realized Anna’s help was working when I finally understood how to market my expertise on social media so that my dream client would “get it”, and how to sell in an aligned way, while still being a leader.

Within a couple of weeks being in WCA I actually signed my first high-ticket client, for $2’100 USD! This was a HUGE breakthrough for me. Now I know that I can do it again.

Today I feel even more confident to show up on social media and sell my coaching because I know who I’m helping and how to convey the value I can offer. I now feel like the full-time income as a coach is getting closer and I feel super excited.

I really recommend every coach to work with Anna, she’s amazing.

Answers to your Q’s

You will be contacted via email or DM on Instagram for a 30 min discovery call if you seem like a great fit for the program. This call is to let us “meet” virtually to see if we both feel like it’s a perfect fit for us both. If it is, I’ll invite you into the program at the end & help you get started!

Upon purchase you will be emailed login access to your Wealthy CEO Academy course dashboard. This hosts all the modules with video trainings and materials, as well as bonuses. You will also get immediate access to the group chat for coaching & support five days per week, as well as a  chance to meet your new biz friends.

Wealthy CEO Academy is a group program, but there are two options: 

A. The Basic option only includes group support (but that in itself is very powerful!). 

B. The VIP Upgrade includes 3 x 60 min 1:1 calls with Anna and private chat support (something only Anna’s private 1:1 clients normally get).

For more details on this, please view the application.

As long as the program exists! And you’ll also get free access to all future updates for the latest and greatest.

– Access to the curriculum for its entire lifetime, with consistent free upgrades.

– Weekly 90 min hot seat group coaching calls.

– 11 bite-sized prerecorded video modules with materials for each.

– Exclusive access to a private group chat where you can ask questions and get support 5 days a week from Anna and your fellow members.

– 6 bonus trainings on topics ranging from maximizing your energy and warming up your audience for high-ticket sales, to how to tap into your money-making and feminine power.

Full-Time Coach Academy is a high-touch group program containing a proven method and high-level coaching support to help you attract and sign dream high-ticket clients you love using free social media – without working 24/7.

But unlike other business programs, it also goes deeper than any other program when it comes to offering mindset and spiritual alignment tools, because success is 20% strategy and 80% mindset. You will be guided through both Money Mindset, Sales Mindset and powerful CEO Mindset tools. This combination – of simple yet effective business strategies, along with powerful mindset and spiritual techniques – is unique in the coaching space.

Wealthy CEO Academy gives you very simple strategies that are easy to implement and help you stay clear of overwhelm. Anna’s clients have effectively used these strategies to bring in over $300’000 USD in 2020 alone.

I suggest committing 2-3 hours weekly during our time together. Wealthy CEO Academy is a 12-week group coaching program where I will be with you every step of the way to get the best results

Know that each weekly module is designed to build upon the last lesson. I recommend you learn from the modules, absorb and implement each week (and ask me Qs of course!).

The full value of Full-Time Coach Academy is $8,200, but that’s not what you’re paying! Instead you can lock in your spot for less than a THIRD of that price. See the application for detailed prices and payment plans.

This is a live taught group coaching program and there’s a guarantee that I will be there for you every step of the way to support you. My clients have gotten amazing results when they’ve taken full advantage of everything this program offers (modules, hot seat coaching calls, group chat and bonus trainings), and I know you will too. If you ever feel stuck or are facing any problems, share it with me in the group chat or on the coaching calls and we’ll work it out together.

While I primarily work with coaches, healers, strategists and consultants, the strategies and coaching in it also work for other service providers. It is not made for product-based businesses though.

The people you’re MADE FOR? They’re ready for you to transform their lives

All we have to do is put you in front of them on social media.

Then big things will come for you (& them).