Nice To Meet You!

I’m a Business & Mindset Coach for Online Coaches worldwide who want to sign more dream high-ticket clients & grow their business, so they can leave that soul-sucking 9-5 & go full-time transforming lives. Learn how to build your coaching business without burnout and scale while working LESS! 

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“Anna is a sympathetic and non-prestigious coach. She makes you feel at ease and good just the way you are.”

Sabrina, Sweden

“Taking on quite an interesting experience  such as life coaching with Anna has been definitely eye-opening. She has introduced me to certain sub-conscious areas in my life that I never even knew existed, she not only taught me to confront them but also nurture them into a state where I could be and ultimately are content with myself as a whole...  Overall the experience is a great one.”

Ngārangi-Aumārire, New Zealand

“I get new perspectives from our conversations and know that that is Anna’s intention, her gift.”

Louise, Sweden

“Attentive and gentle. Opens up for discussion and reflection. With Anna I feel safe to talk about sensitive topics.”

Elin, Sweden

"Anna's coaching helped me to get through a tough period of my life where I felt lost and not in control. She helped me find the solutions to my problems. She helped me see more clearly and take actions to be in control of my life. Thanks to her, I'm back in control, I've achieved my goals and I feel much more  relaxed about things. Thank you Anna. Definitely recommend it!"

Melissa Vesier, from France Living in Australia

"Anna is such an amazing person to work with. She is empathic, supportive, understanding & provides such great content in her courses delivered with enthusiasm. She truly is a gem. Can't wait for the next one lovely 🙂 xx"

Lois, England

"Anna is an excellent coach and a beacon of light, who radiates care, love and positive energy. She has a genuine passion for her work and it was a pleasure to work with her. I can highly recommend Anna to others and look forward to working with her again in the future."

Samantha Springate, England

"Anna has helped me find my inner voice that had disappeared in the noise of life. With the help of the security of our conversations and get reflection of my feelings, I could find strategies that helped and helps me daily to listen to my inner voice. Thank you, Anna."

Linda Sjöberg, Sweden

“In my opinion being mentally healthy in nowadays world is more important than ever... Anna kept the perfect balance of asking the right questions and making suggestions on how to deal with my issue. And voila after one week I was strong enough, to take action, address my worries and turn things around... Only with coaching sessions like these you run in the right direction and can be the best version of yourself.”

Caroline, Austria