Anna Furu, Hey there!

Nice To Meet You!

I’m Anna, a Business & Mindset Coach for Online Coaches worldwide who want to sign more dream high-ticket clients & grow their business, so they can leave that soul-sucking 9-5 & go full-time transforming lives.


I’m helping entrepreneurs realize how they can create SUSTAINABLE, LONG-TERM success and TRUE fulfillment by opting out of the crazy rat race and engineering their lives to suit their unique needs, all through advanced and individualized self-care.


Build your online coaching business without burnout. Find out how you can scale while working LESS! 

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I 7x my income and made $30K cash – while working around 10 - 20 hrs per week – during my time working with Anna. She helped me step into my leadership and feel more confident and aligned than ever before.

Jess Fynn


Anna helped me hit my first $10,5K month while working around 20 hours a week. And the most amazing thing is that I did this within TWO WEEKS of signing with her! She also helped me awaken my spirituality and have two BIG spiritual awakenings, which changed my life. You need to work with her!

Christina Lopez


I really enjoyed working with Anna inside WCA. She helped me get clear on my niche, strategy & grow my confidence by a lot. Before WCA I would never have gotten on video & talked, or done a reel. Now I’ve done both & feel more confident than ever in my business. I’m showing up more & am owning my authority, which feels good. She also helped me find a way to sell my services in a ...
During my time with Anna, I made $27K – while working 20 hrs per week & having 3-day weekends be my norm. She also helped me build my confidence & become a self-care QUEEN! Work with her & damn will your life change!!

Anna Heckadon


Thanks to Anna, I signed my first high-ticket (@ $3K & $1’200!!!) clients, grew my confidence exponentially, and started thinking like a wealthy CEO. She also helped me to finally start loving & believing in myself, which has been the biggest win. I can’t recommend her enough!

Nadine Daff