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Do you feel like coaching is the biggest calling on your heart

call in more high-ticket clients to explode your impact and income?

There’s nothing I love more than helping my clients make more money through transforming more lives, because let’s be honest - more money in the hands of heart-centered badass women?

holistic business coach helping empathetic coaches start and scale to multiple 6 figures through aligned strategy and powerful mindset work.

When I’m not helping badass coaches like yourself create more success than they’ve ever dreamed of? Oh, then you’ll find me sweaty either in the gym or on a hike, binging epic movies with my husband, while stuffing my face with vegan brownies.

Yes, Please!

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I'm a

I'm a

I'm an

I'm ann

I'm anna

I'm anna f

I'm anna fu

I'm anna fur

I'm anna furu

I'm anna furu.

I’m Anna Furu, CEO of Anna Furu LLC. I’m so excited you’re here!

You have some very powerful and unique gifts that you’ve been blessed with.

And you harbor a big dream of being able to use your gifts to help other women, to make a true impact/difference in the world and create a life of true financial freedom for yourself - simultaneously.

Call me a psychic, but I also know that you doubt if you can actually do this.

Because you were born with gifts that not everyone has, and the Universe wants you to put them to use. AND live an amazingly abundant life while you’re at it.

Don’t know how to make this happen?

That’s where I come in.

Let me tell you a secret: YOU CAN.

Welcome to your new queendom

a world of limitless possibility, dream high-ticket clients, abundance and massive impact 

where Cinderella stories come true, thanks to you using your unique gifts to help others through your transformational coaching.

Prepare to claim your throne and build your Queendom as an impactful and wealthy coach through aligned strategy, 6 figure confidence and spiritual alignment.

Namaste Queen, 

Love, Anna


Biz Strategy

Aligned and effective business strategy that is customized to YOU and helps you make more while working LESS.

I combine four sacred elements that together give my clients the mind-blowing results I’m famous for (e.g. $0-$120K in 6 months).

My magic framework


Mind Mastery

Powerful mindset work that helps you crush all limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and mindset gremlins and instead step into your next-level self and create more success than you thought possible


Life Fulfillment

 Life coaching tools that help you create not just your dream business but also your dream LIFE, because it’s all one and balance is the answer.



The key to scaling a successful coaching business is to channel your highest self in your business. When you get to that point, let’s just say ain’t nothing gonna stop you.


Are you a new (or experienced) coach stuck in a 9-5 and struggling to sign high-paying clients consistently? This is your ticket to becoming a full time coach...

In this stellar group program you get the complete roadmap and stellar support and community to start and grow your online coaching business to consistent $5K months with soulmate dream clients - without being salesy/pushy - so you can quit your 9-5 and go full-time transforming lives.

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Are you ready to scale your coaching business to 6 figures and transform more lives than you thought possible? This is where you get to serve at your highest capacity, the one you were born for.

The Wealthy Worthy Mastermind helps you go from feeling stuck and at capacity to creating a scalable offer suite that has your dream clients asking how they can pay you, in the company of your new business besties. This intimate, high-level sisterhood will support and challenge you to shred all the imposter syndrome and step into your highest self so you can play BIGGER, like you know you are ready for.

Are you already at 6 figures, but starting to feel the burnout from working long, hard hours chained to the front of your laptop? This is where you get your weekends, nights, and holidays back.

In my 1:1 mentorship program I help you scale your coaching business to multiple 6 or 7 figures and make a bigger global impact, while working less than 20 hours per week and having more fun - so you can finally experience that freedom and joy you dreamt of when you started your biz. (Yes, it IS possible to make more while working less and I’m going to show you how.)

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the 6 figure sisterhood



Full-time coach academy

the treasure chest

here's how i can help you! i have something for each level of entrepreneurship.

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monique lombardo

 I invested in my own coach Anna Furu and we worked on my BIG picture goals. Having someone in my corner, pushing me outside my comfort zone, brainstorming with me and supporting me has been a game changer!! Anna is the best business coach ❤️

"Made my first 6 figure month"

jess fynn

I 7x my income & made $30K cash – while working around 20 hrs (sometimes only 10 hours!!) per week – during my time working with Anna. But the biggest thing for me was that she helped me step into my leadership and feel more confident and aligned than ever before. She really helped me reach the next level in my biz, AND life.

Jess made more while working less

anna heckadon

During my time with Anna, I made $27K – while working 20 hrs per week & having 3-day weekends be my norm. She also helped me build my confidence & become a self-care QUEEN! Work with her & damn will your life change!!

"I made $27K – while working 20 hrs per week"

nadine daff

Thanks to Anna, I signed my first high-ticket (@ $3K & $1’200!!!) clients, grew my confidence exponentially, and started thinking like a wealthy CEO. She also helped me to finally start loving & believing in myself, which has been the biggest win. I can’t recommend her enough!

"I can’t recommend her enough!"


"I've felt a lot more free...I am working way less while making way more money. I started to become noticed as a leader in the industry."




"So in September I made 10K and this month (which is not even the end of the month) I've made 10K!"

"I went from making $180K the year before I worked with anna (2020), to $500K in the year i worked with anna (2021)"



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