There was a little girl who wrote in her diary that she wanted to be a coach.

But no one in the cold kingdom of Sweden where she lived knew of this profession, including her, so instead she followed society’s norms and became a teacher.

..Her empath heart being too sensitive to bear the crude chaos that the school system is. Until she burned out bad and got chronic fatigue syndrome.

She felt in her heart that this coach could help her uncover something vital, so she invested in him (more money than she had ever spent on anything in her life so far). This life coach changed her life, and helped her understand that she could be a coach, like she had dreamed of as a child.

And she tried all these strategies. But she was sad to notice that none of the coaches she invested in seemed to really care about her - she just felt like a number.

So she started coaching for free, while investing to learn everything she could.

Even though she was a great coach, she struggled to get clients. And after two years and having invested $10K, she had only made $550 USD. She was devastated & heart-broken, thinking that this must be a sign that she wasn’t meant to be a coach. She was just about to give up her business…

She realized that growing a coaching business wasn’t as easy as it looked on social media. 

For 10 long years she struggled as a teacher

As she was recovering from this, a friend told her about a life coach.

She learned about the about the importance of mindset & high-ticket sales… Our girl (who was now a woman btw) put her nose to the grind & worked on her mindset every day - her business mindset. And before long, she was feeling more confident than ever, knowing that she was worthy and capable of transforming the lives of dream clients & making good money from it - without having to work 24/7 & burning out again like in her teaching job.

One day, she found a coach who did care, who saw her and believed in her. 

Once Upon a time...

the challenges she faced as a new coach

She lacked Business strategy

She didn’t know where to find clients, or even who her dream client really was.

She didn’t know how to make people see the value of her coaching and want to sign with her.

She didn’t know what content to post on social media. She didn't even know which social media platform she should focus on!

She didn’t have a good (high-ticket) offer that she knew would give her clients results and that she felt confident selling

She lacked confidence

In herself as a coach - was she really a good enough coach for people to pay to work with her?

She was scared of charging more than the $30/hour rate she started out with, but she knew this wasn’t going to pay her bills…

She felt so awkward and sleazy every time she tried to promote her coaching, she just wanted to run and hide under a rock.

What would her coworkers, friends and family think? What if she failed?

She lacked Alignment

She couldn’t connect the dots with how to package her unique gifts in a way that felt aligned AND was profitable for her.

She lacked Life fulfillment

Her current 9-5 was burning her out more and more every day with an unappreciative boss, values she didn’t align with and a stressful work environment.

Finally she found a coach

Who truly cared about her, which changed everything

Today she has developed the High-Ticket Queen Method that helped her (and all her clients) overcome all of these challenges and start signing high-paying dream clients consistently. It is taught in the Full-Time Coach Academy, so other new coaches can speed up their success without having to struggle as hard as she did.

Is this you? Apply to join the full time coach academy. 

the challenges she faced as she tried to hit 6 figures

she found herself booked out with 1:1 clients… but still making less than $5K a month. She was far from the 6-figures she dreamt about.

She lacked...


Mind mastery

spiritual alignment

life fulfillment

She felt like she had hit a brick wall that she couldn’t get around…

Eventually, she developed the Wealthy Worthy Method that helped her make $100K in 5 months, from only one offer. This is taught inside the Wealthy Worthy Mastermind.


the challenges she faced After Six FIGURes

Once she soared past 6 figures in revenue since starting her business, she was surprised to see that she faced new challenges…

She had made good impact and income through her 1:1 coaching, but she was starting to feel seriously burned out by all the 1:1 calls each week. She longed to serve more women and at a higher level, but didn’t know how to do that without sacrificing the quality of the support.

She felt like an imposter when she realized that she was acting as an employee in her business by not having systems, team or boundaries in place to support her. She knew she was ready to embody that 7 figure CEO she dreamed of being.

She lost connection to her Higher Self because she got caught up in comparison and the pressure of scaling as fast as everyone else seemed to be doing. She wanted to get back to that inner peace and guidance from the Universe, so she could grow her business from that aligned state.

Needless to say, her social life was dead since she was working all the time. She dreamed of being able to meet friends, get her hobbies back and have more sex with her husband. #realtalk

Luckily, she found her way through this to where she is now working 20 hours per week and is making a bigger impact and income. This is what she now teaches other 6 figure coaches inside her 1:1 mentorship. 

Shaky confidence

Outdated Strategy

Lost alignment

Zero Life fulfillment

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Let me share that journey with you

monique lombardo

 I invested in my own coach Anna Furu and we worked on my BIG picture goals. Having someone in my corner, pushing me outside my comfort zone, brainstorming with me and supporting me has been a game changer!! Anna is the best business coach ❤️

"Made my first 6 figure month"

jess fynn

I 7x my income & made $30K cash – while working around 20 hrs (sometimes only 10 hours!!) per week – during my time working with Anna. But the biggest thing for me was that she helped me step into my leadership and feel more confident and aligned than ever before. She really helped me reach the next level in my biz, AND life.

"I 7x my income & made $30K cash"

anna heckadon

During my time with Anna, I made $27K – while working 20 hrs per week & having 3-day weekends be my norm. She also helped me build my confidence & become a self-care QUEEN! Work with her & damn will your life change!!

"I made $27K – while working 20 hrs per week"

nadine daff

Thanks to Anna, I signed my first high-ticket (@ $3K & $1’200!!!) clients, grew my confidence exponentially, and started thinking like a wealthy CEO. She also helped me to finally start loving & believing in myself, which has been the biggest win. I can’t recommend her enough!

"I can’t recommend her enough!"


I did this while having completely work-free weekends EVERY WEEK, & taking 4-5 weeks off every year for holidays. “That’s UNHEARD OF!!”, as my own coach commented. Thanks to this I was able to move into my dream house by the lake with my husband and travel near and far to every continent from New Zealand and Africa to Hawaii (except for South America which is next on the list). I was also able to give my dad $1,000 USD for his 70 year birthday - my way of thanking him for always supporting me .

Other coaches started asking her how she was able to do all of this. And so she began to teach them.

6 Figures

This little girl woman is me (duh)

I help them skyrocket their business and make multiple 6 figures by crafting irresistible offers, creating unique stand out marketing and mastering high-ticket sales (like, REALLY high-ticket) and become a confident leader in their industry, with a team that has their back and allows them to work less and live a life of ease, fun and fulfillment.

the best thing?

This is what I now teach my clients how to do too!

I want that

made in usd sales, collectively


made in 1 month, singularly


Today, my clients have...

made in 1 year, SINGULARLY


work weeks, free weekends, and holidays

20 hr



Aligned and effective business strategy that is customized to YOU and helps you make more while working LESS.

How I do this? Through my own signature method that combines 4 sacred elements: 

the secret is...


Mind Mastery

Powerful mindset work that helps you crush all limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and mindset gremlins and instead step into your next-level self and create more success than you thought possible.


Life Fulfillment

 Life coaching tools that help you create not just your dream business but also your dream LIFE, because it’s all one and balance is the answer.



The key to scaling a successful coaching business is to channel your highest self in your business. When you get to that point, let’s just say ain’t nothing gonna stop you.

You can work with absolute dream clients, impact more people, make more money than you ever dreamed of (hello financial security!) and work LESS, all at the same time. I’ve done it and helped my clients do it.. Now its your turn!


Now its your turn!

work with me

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