How to Hit $10K Months in 12 Weeks

October 7, 2020

I completely missed the mark for almost 2 years…

​Anyone else ever watch pics from a couple years ago & go like “Omg what happened?!” – in a positive sense?

​That girl on the left was me, just about 2 years ago:

She had just started coaching & was coaching like a mad woman to build her skills.

​She was charging $30/hr & felt like that was very gutsy & borderline greedy.

​​She was serving the wrong people bc she was scared to go after the people she really wanted to serve – female online coaches.

​This made her feel like a complete fraud.

​And to compensate for this she worked all the freaking time, 7 days of the week with no sacred free time, bc she felt like that would take away the feeling of not being good enough.

​Freedom was a foreign word to this girl.

​Fast forward 2 years & today this girl is a woman (she’s 30 now!):

​She has been coaching for over 2,5 years & has gotten amazing results for her clients (swipe left to see some of the latest).

​She’s making good money & is full time in her biz.

​​She is working with absolute dream clients.

​She feels confident & aligned AF, having embodied her worthiness so she can serve others more powerfully.

​She’s got first class work-life balance & works around 20hrs/week.

​Freedom is her normal state.

​How did this happen in 2 years?!

​Through daily mindset & alignment work & investing in MINDSET coaching too (instead of just biz strategy like everyone else).

​Everything in biz becomes so much easier when you allow yourself to grow, serve & scale from a place of alignment & balance, instead of fear, insecurity & hustle (like for me earlier).

​​What’s the greatest transformation you’ve gone through in the last 2 years? ✨

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