How to Hit $100K FAST

July 29, 2021

I’m Anna, a Business & Mindset Coach for Online Coaches worldwide who want to sign more dream high-ticket clients & grow their business, so they can leave that soul-sucking 9-5 & go full-time transforming lives.

I felt lost in the “biz strategy jungle “ for the first 2 years of my business. I remember how I used to think and feel running my biz before my current strategy…

…like Jane lost in the jungle, but w/o any Tarzan around.

Seriously, I felt like I was desperately trying to get to where I wanted ($100K), but I had no map, no compass & not the faintest idea which way to go. Of course, it wasn’t that there were no trails to follow – in fact, the problem was that there were too many!! Meaning that there were SO MANY GURUS WITH OPPOSING STRATEGIES out there fighting for my attention.

One of them said that the FB Group Strategy was the best way to reach $100K. I created a FB group, grew it but burned out from it & made only $550 (bc it was not aligned with my energy at the time). 

Another one said I should start a podcast. I did & had great success – but got no clients (bc it was at the wrong time) & again, burnoutI tried posting 7 days/week for a year in IG bc some guru said that would give me clients but again, no clients, just burnout (#qualityoverquantity)

I started a membership bc yet another guru said this was the holy grail. But again, a little bit of success from a HUGE amount of work & burnout (bc this came WAY too early)…I tried being active in FB groups adding value but burned out from that too w/o any success (not my thing).

A BUNCH of gurus told me to send cold messages…I did send 2, but in all honesty, I could never stomach it! I even tried starting a YouTube channel to sign clients as one guru recommended. After having done 4 videos & put 16 hrs of work on eachI realized this wasn’t gonna work either.

As you can see, I tried a LOT of the biz strategies preached in the coaching space, but few of them worked for me.


Because I didn’t have the basics in order (dream client, offer, lead generation, content), these strategies weren’t suited for my personality or biz level. And when you make an unaligned approach, burnout is the possible result. 

Well, thank god I finally found the right trail.  I realized simplicity & consistency is where it’s at & after trial & error. I found a strategy that hasn’t only worked for my clients and me.

Here’s the strategy that helped me reach $100K in my business:

DREAM CLIENT CLARITY. Choose ONE specific dream client & get to know her crazy well through Market research.

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING. “It goes down in the DMs,” as Yo Gotti once said. I made $100k in 5 months bc I knew how to build genuine relationships with potential dream clients in the DMs. You better learn that too if you want to reach 6 figures. Grab my FREE $100K DM Script! 

STELLAR 1:1 PROGRAM. Forget about multiple offers before you hit 6 figures. You just need a BOMB 1:1 program to start with that’s tailored to your specific dream client.

POWERFUL BRAND STORY. What’s your transformation story? This is your brand story & it needs to be gripping & relatable AF to your dream client.

MARKETING STRATEGY. You now have all you need to market the sh!t outta your 1:1 program to call those dream clients in!! But don’t just throw spaghetti at the wall as I did for 2 years. You deserve a strategy that doesn’t burn you out & actually gives you results (I.e., clients).

SALES MASTERY. Master ethical & soulful sales, both in calls & the DM convo leading up to it (as mentioned above). You can’t get around this, boo. The solution is to dive into it like a QUEEN.

CEO MINDSET. The Last piece is the most important one – MINDSET. It’s 80% of your success. ‘Nuff said. I guide you through all of these in my group program, the Wealthy CEO Academy, which is why these clients get such incredible results!

Which one of these do you need to nail next? Comment below!

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