How to Sign $3K+ DREAM clients

August 7, 2021

I’m Anna, a Business & Mindset Coach for Online Coaches worldwide who want to sign more dream high-ticket clients & grow their business, so they can leave that soul-sucking 9-5 & go full-time transforming lives.

Sign $3K+ DREAM clients with THIS:

The Dream client you choose determines EVERYTHING in your biz:

  • Messaging
  • Marketing
  • Offer
  • Brand story
  • Sales funnel
  • Sales strategy
  • Content

99.9% of all coaches make the mistake of being too broad or vague with their dream client; “millennial women. “ Or they only focus on psychographics & not at all on demographics or motivations; “high-achieving/passionate women.“ Or they go way too creative; “unicorn priestesses.” to reach 100K, you need to get SPECIFIC & CLEAR AF on your dream client, boo. This is because everyone is so different & will react to many other forms of marketing/content.

Here are 4 Examples of dream clients who are attracted to very different things:

20-year-old college student:

GOAL: become an online entrepreneur

PROBLEM: hates working a regular 9-5 & doesn’t want to waste money on student loans

30-year-old corporate woman:

GOAL: fulfilling & successful career, advancing to leadership

PROBLEM: insecure in her leadership abilities & don’t know how to get seen & promote herself at work

40-year-old single mom:

GOAL: find her soulmate

PROBLEM: doesn’t know how to find someone who wants to date a single mom, doesn’t feel confident

50-year-old retired wife:

GOAL: look & feel better in her body to feel attractive again

PROBLEM: doesn’t know how & what to exercise, scared of getting injured, not sure about nutrition

Do you see how these will be attracted to very different messages?

Below are some tips to nail your Dream Client:


This helps you FIND her online & helps her see you’re speaking to her:

  • occupation
  • age
  • marital status
  • location


Knowing this is what will make her buy from you:

  • what is her biggest GOAL?
  • what’s her no 1 PROBLEM she desperately wants to solve bc it keeps her up at night?
  • what is her big FEAR?


The icing on the cake is that is helps you connect with her:

  • personality traits
  • values
  • background

Who is your dream client? Comment below!

Pssst…Be sure to bookmark this page for later! Your dream client will change as your business grows…Anna Furu | Online Businss Coach