I made $124K in my BIZ!!!

September 5, 2021

Wanna hear how?

I ran my numbers & slowly turned to hubby: “I’ve made 6 figures in sales, in 5 months”

It’s not for the first time in my biz, but since 2021 started

If you’re new here, you might think it’s always been like this around these parts. It’s hasn’t.

My revenue increase during these 3,5 years in biz:

  • Year 1-2: $550
  • Year 3: $40K
  • Year 4 (now): $124K!

This goes to show that it’s been a helluva JOURNEY!!!

Here are some of the things that have helped me get here:

Strong WHY & connection with the Universe:
I didn’t start my biz just to make (though of course I wanted to make enough to pay my bills, become debt-free, donate to charity & support my parents financially).

I have had a clear mission since I was 13; to support heart-centered & high-achieving womxn to use their unique gifts to impact, fearlessly!

I got this from the Universe, which has been my no 1 mentor, also in my biz ✨

I’ve focused hard on genuine relationships:
Nothing grinds my gears like coaches who cold pitch or don’t take the time to get to really KNOW their clients. Or worse; who don’t really care!

I believe our success is only as good as our relationships in biz. Which is why I’ve become known as a coach who out-cares my competition.

This has meant lots of hours in the DMs – something I LOVE!

Mindset is Queen:
I started out as a mindset coach for a reason; success is 80% mindset & 20% strategy.
I practice & coach on MINEY, SALES & CEO MINDSET bc they have the biggest ROE.

I’ve followed an aligned biz strategy.

I’ve done my best to avoid them shiny objects & follow a simple + aligned strategy:
A) started with 1:1 to optimize my signature framework
B) then scaled with group using this bomb 1:1 framework

Coaches who launch 10 offers every quarter don’t have time to make sure their methodology is crazy good.

I invested in support before I was ready:
A) I hired coaches before I had a clue what I was doing, so they could help me figure it out
B) I outsourced & grew a team before I was ready

Again, we grow through relationships.

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I’m Anna, Business & Mindset Coach for Online Coaches worldwide who want to sign more dream high-ticket clients & grow their business, so they can leave that soul-sucking 9-5 & go full-time transforming lives.