How I Get Clients Closer to $1 Million

August 28, 2021

If you look at the most successful coaches, you’ll find that they are all very good at one thing:


That’s because your business is built on relationships.

Relationships with your community, your clients, your biz besties, collaboration partners, your coaches, your team members & your IRL support team.

I would go as far as saying that if you don’t know how to build good relationships, your biz will fail!

Sounds harsh? I know.

But here’s the good news: you can get better at building relationships! It’s a skill like any other.

The only things you need are:

  • The intention & desire
  • A roadmap on how to do it

If you fix the first, I’ll give you the other!

Because I just released access to my EPIC Magic DM Script! 

This DM script is built on my values of GENUINE CONNECTION & RADICAL CARE.

This means that it won’t work for someone who’s just trying to make quick money or fool people into buying something. (They’ll get bored by the actual getting to know the other person part, which is the key)

But it will work for any coach who truly wants to HELP people & who genuinely CARES?

For you, this script will be a map to the Holy Grail – i.e. your dream clients joining your high-ticket program so you can truly help them transform their lives ✨

So, if you’re a coach who just wants to HELP people & make a bigger positive impact, but who has struggled for too long with the DMing part (feeling icky/weird/salesy or just not knowing how to transition from “cute dog!” to getting people on a sales call)…then go get the Magic DM Script through the link in my bio now!

I’m not sure for how long I’m gonna keep it up.

Oh btw, this is the script my clients & I have used to close over $1 million. Thought you might wanna hear that!

Download your free $100K DM Script!