My Biz Strategy For Hitting 6 Figures

August 21, 2021

The intimate biz strategy that will help you cross six figures: 

“It goes down in the DMs”, as Yo Gotti once said.

I made $100K in 5 months because I knew how to build GENUINE relationships with potential dream clients in the DMs. Almost every single high-ticket client I signed this spring when I made $100K fast came that way. You better learn that too if you want to make the impact you know you were born to make – faster! Yes, you still need to post & show up #likeaboss

This is the behind-the-scenes secret that 7+ figure coaches use to bring in more consistent sales. “How come?” you may wonder…because women (& men) buy through relationships.

And where’s the best way to build relationships on social? You know it!

I know many coaches feel a lot of anxiety around “sliding into the DMs” though, which I totally get. I used to feel that, too, since I mostly met slimy cold pitchers there.

But THAT’S NOT YOU, boo.

You will be DMing from your SOUL to build genuine relationships because you actually care & want to HELP people. (Which is very different from the cold pitchers)

So how do you do it?

  1. Build a personal connection first by asking & talking about them & their interests & life. No asking about their biz/health, etc., here until you’ve built a true connection. Let this stage take time. Don’t rush it bc that’s what will make it feel awkward.
  2. Ask about their goals in your area of coaching. Only do this if you’ve first done #1 properly. Be genuinely curious.
  3. Ask about their challenges within your area of coaching. If they don’t want to share this it’s totally fine. Just go back to step 1 & keep nurturing a bit more until you try step 2 again.

I have three more steps for you to nurture a relationship from start to booking sales call completely. Find out what these are by downloading my FREE DM Script!